Bandwidth trading platform built on Blockchain

Meson Network is trying to create the world’s largest bandwidth marketplace in the future.


How does Meson Network Work?

The power of Meson

Meson builds a protocol to standardize the infra resources and offers a market for people to trade globally.

Decentralized Bandwidth Network

Network Edge Locations
Network Capacity
Average Latency
Hit Ratio

Infra Marketplace Built by People

We believe the design principle behind blockchain is to make the rights to everyone and not be governed by the giants. That’s why we practice the protocol model to build the marketplace and take it to the Raspberry Pi, Xbox, Playstation, and IoT as well.

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Our Roadmap

Take a look at roadmap, showing various stages of mission and upcoming visions.

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Launch the Testnet-2.5
Release the Token Model Documentation
Ship the Production Version
Mainnet-1.0: ERC20-based network
Mainnet-2.0: Support the whole EVM-compatible bridges
Mainnet-3.0: Meson Blockchain

Why Choose Meson Network?

Wake Up the Sunk Resources

Join the network in just 3 minutes, and make your resources located in Cloud, Edge, IoT, and Home to make profits for you.

Accelerate the Applications

Use the bandwidth in the Meson marketplace to accelerate your Contents, Audios, Images, Videos, and Game Packages globally.

headshot of Sam Williams is scaling up as we speak, but remember: integrate dCDNs like Meson Network to gain properly decentralised and fast access to permaweb data!

— Sam Williams, Co-Founder & CEO, Arweave
headshot of Suji Yan

Mask Network is always delighted to support good projects. The bandwidth marketplace Meson Network provides will help everyone to enjoy an easy-to-access Web 3.0.

— Suji Yan, Co-Founder & CEO, Mask Network
headshot of Joshua

The world has been long waiting for a decentralized network for bandwidth, and Meson does exactly that. One would be surprised when first looking at the bandwidth cost of any major web platform.

— Joshua, Co-Founder & CEO, RSS3
headshot of Guo Liu

Matters Lab is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Meson Network, which fills a crucial piece in our infrastructure. As the first step, integrated Meson Network API into the IPFS modal, so when a user retrieves content from IPFS directly, she can use it to redirect to the nearest gateway, speeding up the process of content retrieval.

— Guo Liu, Co-Founder & CTO, Matters Lab
headshot of Shiyu Z

Excited to go forward on this journey of partnership with Meson network to improve the seamlessness of content delivery as well as the decentralization process of our network.

— Shiyu Z, Co-Founder, CyberConnect
headshot of xylophone

Permacast’s performance and decentralization have been significantly improved thanks to Meson. By reducing reliance on and offloading the caching workload to Meson’s nodes, episodes load twice as fast.

— xylophone, Co-Founder, Permacast

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